Welcome to Bella Mossa Dance Competition

Bella Mossa (Beautiful Movement) Dance Competition was founded and is owned by a family that has dedicated their lives for over 20 years to provide a solid dance education and share the joy and passion for the art of dance with children of all ages and levels. Our goal is to provide a high-quality competition with a caring and professional staff who understands and have experienced all aspects of the competitive dance world from the perspective of a Dance Studio, Teacher, Choreographer, Judge. Realizing that each and every dancer is important, every studio/dancer/teacher attending will be personally greeted and welcomed by our staff.

Bella Mossa is focused on encouraging positive support amongst dancers, teams, and dance studios to create a fun, positive competition, and learning environment for teachers, dancers and parents. As a dancer and performer, it's so rewarding to hear your teammates and family members cheer for you. It's "impactful" when you hear other studio members and staff cheer for you. It creates camaraderie, support, respect, and a sense of friendship amongst studios. It makes it a pleasure to compete with each other and something to look forward to each and every year. You will feel the positive difference at our events.