What sets us apart from other competitions is the overall experience we aim to provide!

What We Offer

  • Teacher Lounge: Teachers can enjoy a stress free atmosphere throughout the event. We will provide hot and cold beverages and healthy snacks. Phone charging stations will also be available.

  • Teacher Gifts: Our teachers and directors are very important to us! We will welcome each teacher with a small gift of appreciation for their hard work and efforts to get their dancers competition ready.

  • Hotel Accommodations: We are happy to offer studio directors FREE hotel accommodations for the entirety of our event. Take the stress of traveling back and forth all weekend off your plate and try to relax when you can.

  • Dance Tuition Scholarships: So many scholarships are given that the dancer cannot use due to location, time, or money. Dancers will receive scholarships to help with tuition costs for THEIR dance studio. Loyalty is a quality that we encourage.

  • Accommodating: Our backstage managers are kind and understanding to the stresses of competing. We strive to make sure each dancer feels comfortable and is ready to take the stage.

  • Awards: We understand how long the competition days can be. We will keep the awards announcements quick, easy to understand, fun and upbeat while still focusing on the accomplishments of the dancers.

  • Bella Mossa Director on site: As a former dancer, competitor, teacher, and current studio owner, our director understands the importance of being available to assist and help wherever may be needed. Exceptional customer service for the dancers, parents, teachers, and studio owners is our goal!