POINT SYSTEM: Each entry will be competing against a predetermined amount of points and will be reflected in our GEM scoring program DIVISIONAL 1st PLACE AWARDS: If there is only one entry in a division, a 1st place trophy will be awarded if the performer received Sapphire Medal or higher. If there are 2 or more entries in a category, a competitive first place award will be presented to the entry with the highest score.


No group category/division trophies to take home and dust off...instead, receive 1st place award points and cash out at the end of competition for useful studio prizes! (TV's, iPad, iPod, and more). 


As a studio owner for over 20 years, I found myself dusting off, boxing up, or throwing away thousands of trophies. They take up space or they break before you even get them home. We want to give you something that the dance studio owners and directors are excited to take home. I know I can always use a new iPod or iPad for my studio! So, for every 1st place award you win for group category/divisions, the studio will receive a golden 10 point certificate. At the end of the competition or when the studio is done competing and ready to wrap it up, simply bring your certificates to the desk, we'll add up your points, and depending on your total, you may choose your grand prize to go home with!

JUDGES CRITIQUES: All judges will be on a video or audio critique system. The Studio Director will be able to access score sheets and critiques through the studio’s online registration account.



  • The Massimo, Mezzo, and Fresco Division High Score Awards will be presented in the following age groups: 9 & Under, 10-11, 12-14 and 15-19 age divisions for Solos, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, & Lines.

  • Grand Lines will only be awarded in the Advanced Division and in the 11 & Under and 12 and Over Age Divisions.

Fresco Division: High Score plaque to highest scoring group routine in the following age categories: 11 & Under and 12-19.

Bella Mossa Title Awards

The Title Competition is judged separate from the dance portion of the performer’s solo. A competitor can receive a total of 50 points maximum from the judges. The Title Competition is judged more on overall presentation and everything is weighed equally (talent, overall presentation, etc.) with only one score. We are looking for someone who is a stand-out performer and displays Bella Mossa character!

Bella Mossa Dance Competition will be hosting a Title competition incorporated into the solo competition. If you wish to have your routine judged for Title, please check the appropriate box while registering your solo online. You may enter as many solos as you wish to be judged for Title. All entries will be judged for Title during the performance of their routine during the Regional Competition.

  • Petite Mr. and Miss Bella Mossa - Ages 9 & Under

  • Junior Mr. and Junior Miss Bella Mossa - Ages 10 – 11

  • Teen Mr. and Teen Miss Bella Mossa - Ages 12 – 14

  • Miss Bella Mossa – Ages 15 – 19


The judges and directors will present this award to the Small Group, Large Group or Line deemed “Most Entertaining” for both 11 & Under and 12 & Over. All Divisions are eligible for this award.


This award will be presented to the teacher of a Small Group, Large Group, or Line for both 11 & Under and 12 & Over. All Divisions are eligible for this award.


This award will be presented to the choreographer/teacher who receives the highest scores based on design, overall impression, fit, portrays the story line/dance well, etc. in the 11 & Under age division and the 12 & Over age division. All ages will compete against each other for all Dance Levels combined.


This award will be given by the Bella Mossa Backstage Manager. This award will be presented to the studio with the best behavior, kindness, team support, and overall character of the studios dancers and teachers.


Groups with outstanding characteristics will be awarded Special Award Plaques by the judges. All routines are eligible to receive these awards.

Bella Mossa Dance Competition offers an Awards “Give Back” Table: For soloists or studio owners who do not wish to keep their award, you may simply place your trophy, pin or plaque on the table upon the completion of the awards ceremony.